What would you like an Illinois attorney to write about in a blog?

by Timothy Deffet

Folks, I will admit it has been awhile since I have posted in the blogosphere. Well, I am back. However, I am asking you for a favor this time. As you know, in the past I have written on several topics such as Can I be fired for filing an IL work comp claim? Or, How Do I Get My Settlement Check Faster? 

We attorneys can talk and write all day…and in many cases…we do. Just ask my friends and family-they will tell you. But that does not tell me the legal topics that most interest you. Well, I am reaching out today to find out this information. I write this blog because I want to impart some knowledge to you.

Please call or email me if you believe that you have a hot legal topic that you would like an Illinois attorney to write about. My plan is to then announce Tim’s Top Ten Illinois Legal Topics in a legal blog post coming to a theater…err…legal blog near you. Then I will try to write on as many of the topics as I can.

Go ahead start the clickety clacking with your laptop or ring me. And so it begins…

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  • Over $200,000 for client injured in car accident with semi
  • $160,000 for client who broke elbow as a result of slip and fall on ice on municipal property
  • $145,000 for client who tripped and fell over defective sidewalk in convenience store parking lot
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