Think you know the true story about the woman in the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case? Think again.

by Timothy Deffet

Many people like to quote stories about the “ridiculous” lawsuits that occur in our country. They cite to various anecdotes that are oft-quoted as the undisputed truth. Only one problem, many “facts” cited about these cases are not the truth, or the stories listed, such as in the “Stella Awards”, are complete fabrications.

Read the following article written by the Center for Justice and Democracy about the so-called Hot Coffee case. Get the true facts here.

Then take a look at the HBO documentary Hot Coffee, here.

Think corporations will voluntarily enact safety procedures without being shoved? Take a fresh look at Ralph Nader’s book on the automobile industry called: Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile. Many of the automobile safety features you see today came about through his advocacy in, and out, of court.

Let me know if you change your perspective. Then remember to check your facts before repeating anecdotes about “frivolous” lawsuits in the United States. Remember you as an individual have power to change the culture and law in this country. Do not underestimate yourself. Spread the word.

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