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by Timothy Deffet

As an attorney you often get phone calls for areas of law for which you do not practice.  Or, you may get people contacting you for cases in states for which you are not licensed.  A good attorney who wants to help his clients keeps a list of competent attorneys for his clients to call in this situation or checks with other attorneys he trusts to find one who is solid in that area of practice. Attorneys are happy to do this for their clients. One, it is good karma. Two, it is good for business to be the first point of contact to review a possible claim for something they might be able to handle.

Whenever I hear of a claim in the Kansas City area or someone who has a legal question in the Kansas City area, I refer them to attorney James P. Deffet. James P. Deffet handles claims in Kansas City, Smithville, Liberty, Platte City, Clay, Platte, Jackson and Clinton Counties and also cases in nearby Kansas.

James P. Deffet is my brother and also an excellent attorney. He graduated from Drake University Law School in 1993 and is licensed in Missouri and Kansas, their Federal courts and Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court as well as an inactive license in Rhode Island.

He handles cases involving car accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle collisions, slip and fall injuries and others.

He also represents individuals in the defense of criminal charges.

Clients hire him for misdemeanor and felony cases for charges from DUI and DWI to Felony possession, theft, assault and other allegations made against them.

In my opinion, you cannot pick a better lawyer to hire. He is diligent, knows the law and has the guts to stand up for you when no one else will.

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  • Over $200,000 for client injured in car accident with semi
  • $160,000 for client who broke elbow as a result of slip and fall on ice on municipal property
  • $145,000 for client who tripped and fell over defective sidewalk in convenience store parking lot
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