Articles Posted in October, 2013

    • Are you looking for free or low cost legal help in Illinois?
    • Folks, many people do not realize that there is significant legal help available for those who cannot afford a lawyer. These pro bono services may be offered for free, or at low cost, to you if you qualify. Some of the clinics that offer these services may ask you to undergo a quick financial analysis first to see if you are eligible under their guidelines. Many of them provide general legal services but many can be specific to certain problems that may arise in your life.

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    • The Frankenstein of the United States, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Good afternoon folks. Happy Halloween. This is the haunted season, the time where witches and warlocks are all around us. This can be a fun time for young and old. I enjoy Halloween like the best of them. Always have, always will. Halloween is a time where people can throw their cares to the wind, dress up and pretend for a moment in time to be something they are not-a witch, a superhero, an actor…the list is endless. This is all harmless, good fun.

      However, are these witches and warlocks in our presence during the rest of the year? Are we being tricked when all we wanted was to be treated in a fair manner? Forgive the pun. However, I digress about a serious topic.

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